Family Law

Increasing number of broken down marriage relationships has caused the legal profession to turn its attention more and more to marriage counseling or divorce by mutual consent. Rishabh Gandhi and Advocates works with couples through marriage counseling in individual and joint sessions in order to resolve relationship and marriage problems. However, matters related to physical abuse and torture, RGAA helps the aggrieved person to fight for his/her rights. The Firm also provides practical legal advice on wealth maintenance and preservation. The Firm has an active practice in cases of domestic violence, cruelty, custody of children, restitution of conjugal rights, maintenance under 125 Cr.P.C., Alimony to wife and children, 498A of IPC, women cell complaints and obtaining divorce on all grounds.

RGAA further advises its clients on resolution of family disputes, particularly in respect of the partition of family property; structuring the estates of individuals, companies, trusts, societies etc., to make these more tax efficient; maintenance and division of Hindu Undivided Family (HUF) property; formation and structuring of trusts; drafting trust deeds and ancillary documents for the management of trusts by companies, financial institutions etc; assisting with issues related to succession and testamentary dispositions of property, inheritance of ancestral property; succession planning options, including in relation to the preservation of wealth, filing and obtaining testamentary documents including probates, letters of administration and succession certificates.

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