Harassment Law

Working as a woman is not an easy job and sometimes intimidating too. This intimidation raises a flag and the woman needs to fight against it. The Supreme Court of India, for a first time observed in Vishaka versus State that there is need to set up a guideline for the working women at their workplace. Therefore, in 2013, the Indian Government in a remarkable attempt to prepare a safer and more welcoming work environment for women employees implemented the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act and its rules known as the PoSH Rules.

As an employer it is not only a legal obligation to adhere to the law but also it does safeguard you or other senior employees from unwanted legal hassles which can vary from getting anticipatory bails or imprisonment. In fact, being a sexual harassment at workplace lawyer it is being seen that if some company is found, not following the guidelines mentioned in the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace Act can suffer from permanent cancellation of the business license or Rs. 50,000/- fine or both. Anyhow the consequences could be in any form or scale but it will adversely affect the overall brand image or market value of the company or organization within just few days, tarnishing everything from reputation to credibility among employees or otherwise.

We at Rishabh Gandhi and Advocates represent against this harassment on women at the workplace. As a senior lawyer, Rishabh Gandhi and its team are committed to serve you with best of their knowledge and expertise, to its clients all over India. RGAA has dealt a bag of cases on violence and harassment on women and has brought justice to them. RGAA helps the companies in following manners:

  1. Formation of Company’s Internal Sexual Harassment Policy

  2. Formation of Company’s Internal Complaint Committee (ICC)

  3. Conducting Training Workshops

  4. Handling Sexual Harassment at Workplace Case or Legal Proceedings

Harassment Of Women at Workplace